DKB, Inc. is a privately held business headquarter in the Pacific Northwest with multiple branch offices strategically located to meet our clients needs. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest value in insulation products and services. Our efforts have provided and will continue to provide added energy efficiency to systems resulting in energy and cost savings for all of our client’s projects of any size.

DKB, Inc. offers mechanical insulation and construction services to the industrial and commercial industries throughout the United States with an emphasis on the western states. Our services include Mechanical Insulation, Acoustical Services, Firestopping, Energy Auditing and Construction Support Services to all size and types of projects. We utilize the latest Construction Management tools and practices including computerized estimation, scheduling, procurement and job tracking to provide a superior result to all of our clients. We look forward to partnering with you and your company in successfully completing your next construction project.

DKB, Inc. maintains memberships in ISNET, Avetta, and Browz, so you can rest assured our team members safety is world class. DKB, Inc. maintains membership in the National Insulation Association, AGC, TAUC, FCIA and in the National Union Insulation Contractors Alliance allowing us to provide staff and craftsmen with the latest industry knowledge that are pledged to a professional code of conduct that assures our clients the highest quality of craftsmanship and product correctness on all projects, regardless of the location, size or degree of difficulty.

DKB, Inc. is currently licensed in the following states:

  • Washington       DKBIN**020JG
  • Oregon                 CCB# 137627
  • Idaho                   PWCL 14840-C-4(24)
  • Montana             CCR# 162107
  • California            CSLB# 987151
  • Arizona               ROC 335368
  • Nevada                20111736075
  • Utah                    815 9135 5551
  • New Mexico       386673
  • Virginia               2705171277
  • Wyoming            not required
  • Colorado             not required
  • Nebraska            not required
  • Kansas                 not required