Certified Thermal Insulation Inspection

Inspection Provides a Return on Investment

For new and existing mechanical systems, NIA Certified Thermal Insulation Inspectors™ will inspect and verify that both materials used and the total insulation system are installed correctly in accordance with project specifications. They also can identify areas of concern with previously installed insulation systems.

Certified inspection of mechanical insulation systems will help reduce costs proven to be associated with non-compliance with mechanical insulation specifications (material and installation) and lack of proper and timely maintenance. 

Certified inspection will also support energy savings, reducing emissions, and occupational and process safety initiatives, helping reduce the need for potential additional capital funds due to corrosion under insulation and other problematic occurrences.

The inspectors have been certified by the National Insulation Association (NIA) and utilize the inspection principles within NIA’s Insulation Inspection Program Standard™ during the inspection process.

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