Our Commitment to Safety

Boise State University Harry Morrison Project

All DKB, Inc. employees are trained in the proper use of all equipment such as mobile aerial lifts used on the Boise State University Morrison Lab Renovation project.

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    • Our commitment to safety equals our commitment to excellence.
    • We believe that we must have the highest quality of craftsmen to remain competitive in our industry.
    • We believe that safety is a major part of our competitive advantage.

      We believe that we must return our employees to their families in the same condition they left their families in the morning. To allow us to return our employees safely home each night, the following are mandatory practices for our firm:

      • All employees are encouraged to participate in their safety.
      • All supervisors will be required to enforce and encourage safety for every project and its employees.
      • All employees must abide by and follow all safety practices.
      • Safety comes first; no one violates a safety policy for production.
      • Management will ensure on going training for all employees, enforcement of safety policies and the resources required.
      • Management will develop and implement safety programs with input from all employees for specific tasks and projects.

      Our commitment to safety includes the following individuals responsible for safety:

      R Dean Burows ~ President / CEO ~ All safety issues, incidents, workers compensation and retrospective rating groups and safety training are directly reported to the president of our firm.

      David Sandretto ~ DKB, Inc. Chief of Staff ~ Dave currently is directing our safety efforts. Dave has a background in safety and is assisting in bringing DKB, Inc. safety to a new level.

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