If DKB, Inc. can be of any assistance to you or your company please feel free  to contact any of the following locations or contacts:

Corporate                                                      Boise Branch   
702 N. California Ave.                                      250 E Baltic Pl, Suite A
Pasco, WA 99301                                              Meridian, ID 83642
Phone 509-545-3885                                       Phone 208-919-4532
Fax. 509-545-3880                                           Fax.  208-336-9146

Northern Cal. Branch                                Montana Office
49 Matmor Road                                               34 Red Oak Drive Suite E
Woodland, CA  95776                                       Belgrade, MT 59714
Phone 916-542-1547                                         Phone 406-203-1106
Fax 916-542-1607                                              Fax. 509-545-3880

DKB, Inc. ~ Customer Service

Dean Burows ~ President                                                         dburows@dkbinc.net

Brian Burows ~ Vice President                                                bwburows@dkbinc.net

Ken Burows ~ Sec/Tres                                                             kburows@dkbinc.net

Bonnie Martin ~ Admin                                                            bmartin@dkbinc.net

Megan Burford ~ Admin Assistant                                         mburford@dkbinc.net

Armando Enriquez ~ Labor Supt.                                           mondo@dkbinc.net

Paul Trout~ Estimator                                                               ptrout@dkbinc.net

Bob Arbuthnot ~ Boise Branch Manger                                 boba@dkbinc.net

Chris Miller ~ Idaho Supt.                                                         cmiller@dkbinc.net

Bill Harrison ~ Estimator                                                          bharrison@dkbinc.net

Eric Gibison ~ Estimator                                                           egibison@dkbinc.net

Paul Harsch ~ Denver Manager                                               pharsch@dkbinc.net

Jim Jackson ~ Colorado Supt.                                                  jimj@dkbinc.net

Todd Hickam ~ Montana Manager                                         thickam@dkbinc.net

David Harmala ~ IES Division Mgr.                                       dharmala@dkbinc.net

Donden Harmala ~ Project Engineer                                     dondenh@dkbinc.net

Clayton Pitcher ~ SR Project Manger                                     cpitcher@dkbinc.net

Kenny Guerra ~ Project Manger                                              kguerra@dkbinc.net

Jeff Deasy ~ QAM                                                                       jdeasy@dkbinc.net

David Sandretto ~ Safety Manager                                         dsandretto@dkbinc.net

Sonny Sandretto ~ Team Lead                                                 jsandretto@dkbinc.net

Shane Harmon ~ Specialist                                                       sharmon@dkbinc.net